Art in the Landscape: Calf Pasture Beach, Norwalk, Connecticut

Aris Land Studio assisted the City to design and install “green infrastructure” improvements demonstrating various strategies.


The Clean Water Act of 1972 led to significant investments to deal with the water quality of the Sound. Fisheries had been damaged, leading to the loss of income for people that relied on these resources. After 50 years, the perception of the Sound, and realizing it’s value as a resource has changed, which is why we are focused on improving stormwater quality through “Rain Gardens”, pervious pavements and other strategies are known as “green infrastructure”. Seeking to expand their usage not only improves the quality of life in the Sound but improves the quality of life for people living around and near the Sound.


Adding to the sense of place, the City sought to create safer pedestrian passages. These same corridors require access for delivery vehicles, and well as access to allow cars to exit during large events. Thus, a promenade was proposed to serve pedestrians, and vehicles occasionally. The palette to create the promenade needed to reflect the environment, and what we see as the Long Island Sound. Anyone who grew up on the Sound knows the beauty and the impact this waterbody has on our lives. Fishing, swimming, sailing, lobster harvesting – all activities of the sound. How do we bring forth these ideas?


Aris Land Studio teamed with Nigel Holmes (, a graphic artist located in Westport, Connecticut. The exercise was to translate the idea across the 300’ x 20’ canvas into a graphic that captures the essence of the park. Through collaboration, we realized a pattern and graphics that meets the goals of the City of Norwalk and our vision for the promenade.The success and enjoyment of the promenade is a culmination of the work of many, to celebrate the creativity and vision of the community leaders, contractors, vendors, and design team members that brought imagination to the process.