Aris Land Studio, LLC was founded in 2009 by Aris W. Stalis, ASLA, LEED AP. Our driving philosophy is that well designed environments foster a healthier community. The scale and nature of the community may differ from a small outdoor seating space at your home, to the meadows of a community park. Our definition of community includes the living organisms such as the micro-organisms in the soil, to the natural elements that have created our landscape for centuries. By keeping our firm small, we are capable of providing experienced leadership to every project. Because it is a practice, we believe the greatest benefit is for our clients to receive the knowledge gained from our extensive years of experience. 


We create designs with a planning approach that holistically examines the environment. Our project development strategy is to examine both the long and short term, social, and environmental impact on each site and the neighboring community. Our work is focused on sustainability and designing environments that improve the well-being for those who live in the places we design — our goal to develop solutions that provide benefits for the long term cultural, social, psychological, physical and fiscal health of the communities we serve.