Advocacy:  Aris W. Stalis testified as a representative of the Connecticut Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects at the Public Hearing of the Committee on Transportation in Connecticut in support of House Bill 5429 ( An Act Concerning Pedestrian Safety. His testimony highlighted the following strategies:

     Granting pedestrian rights of way at crosswalks even if they are not in the crosswalk. This eliminates pedestrians’ obligation to step into potential oncoming traffic to obtain the right to use the crosswalk.

2.  Expanding OSTA’s considerations for development projects to include highway, bicycle and pedestrian access and safety. This ensures that pedestrian and bicycle safety concerns are considered in OSTA approval of new development projects. It also provides OSTA with a rationale to require traffic calming and bicycle infrastructure improvements from private developers in order to obtain project approval.

3.  Increasing funding, through the creation of a greenways commemorative number plate for purchase, for state and local efforts to preserve, restore, and protect greenways as well as to fund bikeways and pedestrian walkways.

4.  Establishing an automated speed enforcement pilot program can help reduce instances of speeding or reckless driving behavior. Encouraging lower vehicle speeds reduces the potential for injuries and fatalities.