With the arrival of spring rains, amphibians will be crossing our roadways – watching for them and avoiding them can help. Learn more from The Connecticut Audubon at a 3 part web series titled: “Amphibians Three Part Web Series”, available at: https://www.ctaudubon.org/2022/02/amphibians-three-part-web-series/

Developers are restoring landscapes more. Most recently, the New York Times wrote: , “When the online travel giant Expedia Group unveiled its $900 million Seattle headquarters in 2019, the 40-acre waterfront campus showcased numerous amenities: a bike path, a soccer field and a beach strewn with driftwood logs for sitting amid the sounds of surf.” Read more in the article by Patrick Sisson, titled “The Next Level in Sustainability: Nature Restoration”. Link: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/03/15/business/developers-nature-restoration.html?referringSource=articleShare