People’s Bank Plaza

The improvements to the plaza at People’s Bank Plaza at 850 Main Street in Bridgeport, Connecticut represents a fulfilled desire by many to create an environment that nurtures and enhances the experience of residents, employees, and visitors. Research reflects a real value to trees and nature in the urban environment. Such transformations have been occurring now for many years throughout our nation, where people strive to improve the communities in which they live.

The value is recognized by private industry and public agencies alike. It reflects smart investments in communities that forever are concerned about costs and the health of the people.

We know nature reduces violence.

We know nature enhances economic activity.

We know nature improves educational experiences.

We know nature improves our health.

We know that the improvements at People’s Bank Plaza will benefit the community of Bridgeport for many years. The construction of the office tower that started in 1984 was intended to help lead to a revitalization effort for downtown Bridgeport. The investment was significant; $80 million. Was that investment a success? Was the building design a success? These are valid questions that we can continue to debate and discuss.

One thing is certain in our opinion, that the current improvements to the People’s Bank Plaza is a valuable commitment by the owners that will provide a strong return on investment.

Research Reference:

Below, some of the key research sites are highlighted that informs of the value of the greening our environments. Such information not only helps to inform, but we believe can help in guiding for smarter investments by those in the financial markets.

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