Innovative treatment of stormwater reduces flooding, improves water quality, and fosters healthier environments for people. With a strong focus in effective management of stormwater, we provide solutions that demonstrate proven, cost effective green infrastructure strategies. 

Stormwater quality requires a multifaceted apporach to create solutions that benefit the owner and the community as well. Our practice examines long term impacts, and provide strategies that transform what was historically a forgotten element, into an amenity that contributes to the health of a place, and it’s intrinsic value.

Sustainable planning is a basis for effective design, but the definition of sustainability is complex. We consider this to be not just environmental, but also inclusive of cultural, sociological, and economics. We examine all of these components in the development of our designs. Our success is measured by the longevity and utilization of our work, and the experiences of the users of the places we plan and design.


Our approach is contingent on collaboration and communication for arriving at the most effective land use decisions. From the end-user, to the architect, to facility operators; all team members play a critical role in the design and creation of projects that serve communities for years.

Connecting people with their environment is a significant goal of our firm. Direct engagement helps students gain respect and understanding of the world around them and encourages greater socialization within the spaces we create. We strive to encourage learning through student participation and have witnessed how this helps them to better understand and foster investment in their community. We seek every opportunity to engage with students and provide them with opportunities to enlighten them about becoming responsible stewards of the land.

We cannot stress enough the important of street trees. Their importance is significantly more than aesthetic — it’s rooted in economics. Our work continually strives to promote tree preservation, protection, and installation. Our approach is based on research and facts.